About Me

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend….

And I am Passionate about Photography….

Join me as I discover my new found love….

I have a very supportive husband…..

if it wasn’t for him I couldn’t have taken this plunge….

3 Kids who really put life in perspective and make it crazy at times. They ROCK!!

I am very lucky to have a supportive circle of family and friends….

Life is  a rollercoaster with its ups and downs

but you have to make the most of it…..

So take a ride with me as I take on a new journey in my life, Photographing….





7 Responses to About Me

  1. Amanda mioline says:

    love it!!!! They are all great!!!

  2. Adam West says:

    Your photos are Incredible… very expressive!

  3. tiffanytracy says:

    Thanks Mandy and Adam it means a lot!

  4. Jennifer Kohut says:

    Awesome Tiff! Keep it up. I need to get together with you and pick your brain about some of this.

  5. Lindsay Mischler says:

    Hey Tiff, These pictures are great! Maybe you would be willing to photograph my wedding when it comes!? Great job, and good luck with it all! Your awesome!

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