Good Night Irene

So you ask where have I been?!  Well, with the unwelcome company of Irene I was without power for about a week, which brought me to clean up!  Luckily my family and I are safe, my town especially near the shore was terribly devastated and are on the “mends”.  We finally all received power back so we were finally able to get the kiddos off to school, 4 days late!  So I have been a busy girl and my poor blog got put on the back burner so in the inbetweens of time, hmmmm I don’t think that is a word but I’m going to go with it, I was able to shoot my kiddos first morning of school one kindergartener and one third grader! There little brother will start preschool on a couple of weeks, the little stinker!!  As we continue on trying to enjoy life I say, Goodnight Irene!!!!!

My Silly Third Grader

So sassy she can't help herself, happy to see her excited and not crying 😀

We survived Irene and now we are just trying to get back to “normal” if that is what its called…… my dad would say when he visits what are we at the nut house (of course he says it with love 😉   My home is crazy but I would not trade my 3 knuckle heads for anything!!!  So get out there and enjoy YOUR life, nutty or not!!!

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